Month: October 2006

Grey issues

Grey issues


Thanks to the advancement in the fields of science, technology and health services, the average lifespan of a human beings has gone up substantially, increasing number of elderly in the world. In the west, the elderly population in the 1990s was 7-15% of the total population, and is expected to reach 25% by the year 2020. According to an NGO HelpAge, life expectancy in India has gone up from 20 years in the beginning of the 20th century to 62 years today. Better medical care and low fertility have made the elderly the fastest growing section of society.

The requirements of individuals change, the older they become, more so in the area of health and wellness. It is to address these special requirements that Sri Ma Senior Citizens Welfare Centre conducted its third "Free Comprehensive Health Check up Camp for Senior Citizens" last week.


On October 15, about 200 seniors participated in the camp, which was held at the Prem Ashram. The camp was inaugurated at the Divine Hands of Sri Ma with the lighting of the inaugural lamp and was conducted under the guidance of Dr Sunder Krishnan. The other doctors on the panel consisted Dr Pooja Vazirani (General Medicine, BP and ECG), Dr Uday Gadgil (Ophthalmologist), Dr Subodh Mehta (Orthopaedic Surgeon), Dr Pratima Sharma (General Medicine, BP and ECG) and Dr Vijay Yadav (General Medicine, BP and ECG). RN Sud conducted the blood sugar tests and AR Ranadive did the audiometry.

The seniors, who participated, made full use of the opportunity to meet and consult so many renowned doctors at a time. All elders went through a series of examinations including Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and weight and then based on the results, received appropriate advice. Diabetics came in for their Fasting Blood Sugar tests at 7.30 am and stayed on for the other tests. Non-diabetics started coming in from 9.30 am. The camp was on till 2 pm.

Follow up consultations have also been arranged with the respective specialists and the required tests have been arranged for them. The participants were given case paper files, audiogram sheets and ECG readings for them to carry the findings with them for future purpose. Free medicines were administered at the camp.

For those unaware, Sri Ma Senior Citizens Welfare Centre seeks to render service to the elderly. Established on idea that "Elders retire from work and not life" the centre organises various programmes throughout the year – excursions, seminars, discourses, workshops and presentations on health issues. The centre also provides library facilities. Sri Ma Trust has plans for setting up a Senior Citizens Home at its Sri Ma Vidyanagari Campus in Patlipada on Ghodbunder Road. If you’re interested in supporting this noble venture in any manner, please contact on: 25458750/51 or 9323716280.