Month: June 2008

Why is missing you so difficult?

Why is missing you so difficult?

It wells my eyes up
with floods of tears
fills my heart
with illusionary fears
…that seem so real
Missing you
is such an ordeal

The urge to talk
starts small and slow
but quickly becomes
an uncontrollable flow
of desperation
and frightening frustration

This irrepressible yearning
my heart burning
my stomach churning
…with a longing
that tears me apart
into a thousand bits
and pieces
as my soul releases
a squeal of sadness,
…a sign of madness?

Yes, missing you is an ordeal
…a torment, an agony
that only YOU can heal
with your warm voice,
your quiet caress
your tender touch
that make me feel
you love me so much

© Manoj Khatri