25 till I choose

25 till I choose

My lifespan is not eighty or ninety
…but eternity
‘Cos I am an aspect of God’s beauty
…and infinity

Today is my birthday and I turn 25 yet again. When I tell people that I stopped growing at 25, they think I am either joking or have lost my marbles. Neither is true. The truth is I choose to be 25 and I know I can.

The great advantage of such a choice is because our bodies are subservient to our minds, when I choose to be 25 in my mind, my body looks and behaves like 25. Isn’t that great? Also, someday I may decide to start growing. But right now I am happy being 25 and will continue to be so for a few more years.

On a more serious note, chronological age doesn’t apply to me anymore, because time is no more a recognisable factor in my life. While in everyday affairs, time has its significance, and it will continue to do so till I live and interact with others, the idea of life being time-bound does not appeal to me. I can’t get myself to do everything according to a designated time-table. I am an eternal soul disguised as a human being. My lifespan is eternity… Because, my life is not enclosed in birth and death—they just happen to be two milestones in my eternal life.

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  1. Dear Guddu,

    Here’s wishing you a very Happy 25th Birthday. It is a good choice that you have made to live life in your own style. Not many people can choose to be 25 and stop there till they want to.

    I hope that your dream and aspirations are all met and that you help create joy unlimited in your life and in the lives of your near and dear ones.

    take care

    Thanks for your wishes, Sanju.

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