A million ways

A million ways

You say
you don’t understand
The way I feel for you
to my soul’s whispers
You’ll discover
something grand

You say
You can’t believe
That I love you so much
To my heart’s beats
you’ll fathom
and perceive

You say
you can’t comprehend
Why I love you
to my irrationality
‘cos all reasons
I transcend

I don’t know
But I do know

I love you
in a million ways

I know it
when I cry
tears of joy
till my eyes
run dry

I know it
when I fly
so high
my soul soars
into the sky

I know it
When I feel
thinking of
a pained you

I know it
when I rejoice
on hearing
your voice

I know it
when I long
to see
that smile on your face
and your inimitable grace
that sparkle in your eyes
in absence of any guise

I know it
when I long
to hear
your laughter
and when I hear it,
Oh! The joy
I feel thereafter

I know it
when it doesn’t matter
What you say
I still feel the same way

I know it
When I pray for you
intense and deep
each day
as I wake up,
each night
as I sleep

I know that
I’ll never run
out of the ways
Even after a million
nights and days

So there, you see,
if you ask me to,
I’ll be able to supply
a million “how’s”
but not a single “why”

~© Manoj Khatri~

One Reply to “A million ways”

  1. What a beautiful and soft poem about something so passionate.
    I also enjoyed the rhythm of it, it sounds nice read out loud.

    And the lining up the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ next to each other is an interesting concept. I think you’re dead on, no use asking why when the important thing is the how.

    Thanks SP.

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