A New Word Order

A New Word Order

Even as the peoples of the world await the arrival of a New World Order, we are witnessing the emergence of what I call the "New Word Order" on this planet. Starting today, I will be one of active proponents of this new order, which has more potential for fulfilling the dream of the diverse nations coming together in “common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind”.

Just like the pen is considered mightier than the sword, blogs are getting mightier than mass media. Words of individuals like us are now finding significant expression and reflection on the World Wide Web. My blog, titled “Wordly Wise”, is an attempt to give my most compelling thoughts an expression, an outlet if you will. Over the years, I have found that my seemingly unconventional views find a rather wide acceptance among my friends and associates. This leads me to believe that if more and more of us think and express our views, we might succeed in setting off a small, subtle but important change in the long-term.

I hope my blog (and the wise words it will contain) makes this world a wiser place.

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  1. I guessed as much but was unsure. Anyways, I was led to your blog from your Orkut page, where I came via Nidhi. You seem to be a regular blogger…keep it up.

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