A Towering Contest

A Towering Contest

It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Thanks to the hottest new contest organized jointly by Rotary Club (Thane North End) and TMC, the people of Thane might soon find out who among them are closest to the almighty.

This unusual contest, unleashed last week promises to be an exciting event with a noble social objective. According to Dr. Sandeep Kadam, President of Rotary Club, "The objective of the contest is to "recognize, promote and accelerate the civic, neighbourhood & environmental values, thereby enriching the human life".

Over the next three months or so, the city’s best managed buildings will vie for the title of "Building of the Year 2002". The buildings will compete with each other on issues such as cleanliness, orderliness and other civic and citizenship values.

The jury will assess the applicant buildings on the basis of a rather wide range of performance criteria such as maintenance of the building structure, beautification, amenities, cultural activities, essential features (such as security) etc. The contest actually goes deeper to evaluate such minute details as member cooperation i.e. if the individual members of the society act responsibly and pay their dues in time. Special care features, like frequent cleaning of water tanks and installation of solar power, would fetch extra points. Director of Rotary Club, N K Marwah calls the exercise, "A Beauty contest with a difference."

Winners will be identified in four different categories (based on the age of the building) and each winner will receive a special Trophy during the awards distribution ceremony on June 28, 2002. The task force from winning buildings will be felicitated too. There is special recognition for sub categories too, such as best exterior, best security arrangement, best cultural and social values and the like.

During the next three months, the organizers have lined up various useful sub-events for Thane residents, and participation in these events also translates into points. Already, one such sub-event, a free interactive session on "Municipal Taxes – Incentives and Rebates", was a major success. Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Vishwanath Kelkar, the key speaker, was so impressive that many people have requested for the session to be held again for the benefit of those who missed out. Other upcoming sub-events would also be of interest to many readers.

Date Description of Sub Event
Sun, April 14 Interactive session on Domestic Gas: Care & Safety, Fire Hazards & Safety Precautions Building Security
Sun, April 21 Drawing and Essay Competition
Wed, May 01 Eye and Blood Donation drives. Medical Checkup of visually impaired and their families. Distribution of folding sticks & Braille watches to visually impaired
Sun, May 05 Solid Waste Management and Vermiculture
Sun, May 19 Solar Energy for domestic and Common Use, Govt. schemes & incentives

The entire programme is an attempt to inculcate social & civic values among the people of Thane, which is one of the cleanest cities in the country. With such efforts, the city is on its way to becoming a model township for other cities to imitate. And why not – after all, the city has the almighty God by its side!

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