All in the family

All in the family

"The dining table is a child’s first school: CBSE Director," is the headline of an article in The Times of India dated Wednesday February 25, 2004. G Balasubramanian, director of CBSE, was in favour of banning homework for students in class I and II as young children need space, love and quality time with their parents for their, which homework hampers. It’s true that parents have the biggest influence on the personality of their children and early childhood being an impressionable age, it is important that they spend quality time with their children.

Last Sunday, more than a 100 students got to spend a whole day with their parents, thanks to a unique "Parents Picnic" organised by the Garden School of Thane. Four buses took over 250 parents, teachers and students to Gorai Beach where they camped at a local resort booked entirely for them.

The little children enjoyed thoroughly as not only did they play lots and lots of games with their friends, but perhaps for the first time they saw their parents play just like them. There were community games, quizzes and treasure hunts for parents and the children were amused to see their parents running, competing with other parents, throwing tantrums and generally behaving like little children. Such opportunities allow the child in every adult to surface and also bring out the creativity in the adults. And that helps parents connect with their child at his/her level.

Social gatherings involving the entire family help break the monotony of everyday life and foster a better understanding between the child and his or her parents. Besides, it is important for parents to unwind from time to time. Most parents are so busy with their routines that they hardly get time to relax. When parents find themselves among their kind, there is mutual empathy that helps promote significant relationships. So, get-togethers such as these not only strengthen the parent-child relationship but also establish lifelong bonds between the families of the students. There are many instances of parents who met on such occasions years ago and have continued to meet long after their children leave the school.

The picnic was a wonderful time for toddlers of Gardens School who went back home with a sense of renewed bond with their parents and looking forward to the next such picnic. And next time, the School plans to take the grandparents too!

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