Another feather in Thane’s Cap

Another feather in Thane’s Cap

Thane is matching Mumbai in civic amenities. After wide roads, and neat-looking signboards, Thane now has user-friendly signals.

You have seen motorists who often wait impatiently at traffic junctions for the signal to turn green, and when it does, they are caught unawares. Similarly, when the signal is green, there will always be a motorist who is within reach of the signal and tries to speed up as much as possible to triumph over the signal before it turns red. This results in all sorts of things: sudden brakes leading to screeching sounds, general hysteria and sometimes, even accidents.

Well, last week, Thane motorists were in for a pleasant surprise. At a particularly busy traffic junction, (the one between Jambli Naka and Dr. Ambekar Chowk), the traffic signal pole was crowned with a digital timer. The timer indicates the time left in seconds, for the signal to change from red to green and from green to red. This is good news for both pedestrians as well as motorists as there will less anxious moments at traffic junctions now.

Generations of enthusiasm
Thane’s Hanuman Vyayamshala, an institute for sports, has been in existence for more than 75 years. The enthusiasm of the students and teachers of this institute is most contagious and this pretty apparent during the Ganpati festival.

Each year, the students of the institute participate in organizing the Ganpati celebration right from the beginning. The institute organizes elocutions, fancy dress and other cultural competitions. This is a time for a get-together of all associated with this institute. Current and ex-students fervently participate in all the competitions and preparations begin days in advance. And mind you, some ex-students are now senior citizens.

A rare phenomenon of cooperation is on display during the entire 10-day festival. Take for instance the prasad. Each day, a few parents volunteer to take the responsibility of making and contributing prasad and consequently, a variety of items are offered to the lord.

The visarjan or farewell is also an affair to remember. Hundreds of students and ex-students, their parents and teachers play lezim and dance to the melody of songs praising their Lord.

Lokmanya Tilak would have been pleased by the way this institute celebrates its Ganpati festival. After, his objective in initiating Ganpati festival was to bring people together.

Friendly mix up
A group of friends were dining in an upper class restaurant. One of the lady members ordered for a clear lemon drink and was served the same in a clear glass. As a standard practice there were waiters topping up the half-filled and empty glasses of water on every table. One of these waiters approached the table of this group of friends and started filling water in their glasses. Without much thinking, he added water to our lady’s clear lemon drink too, thinking that it was water. Two of the friends noticed this slip-up, but smart dudes that they were, chose to keep quite and watch the fun.

Soon afterwards, among the jokes and food, this girl sipped a little of her diluted drink, and her reaction to the taste was rather funny. The two friends, who knew the secret of the sudden change in the taste, burst out laughing and then revealed what had happened. The whole group laughed and even those sitting on other tables were heard giggling. When the waiter’s oversight was brought to his notice, he too smiled nervously, and then brought a fresh drink for the lady.

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