Author: Nidhi

Count your Blessings

Count your Blessings

I have been quite pensive this last week, trying to solve the myriad conundrums that life throws up – the best I know how to. Here is another important one, along with what I think is a plausible justification. To generalise it so might lead you to think that my assessment is an oversimplification of a far more complex phenomenon, but nonetheless, partial answers are better than no answers at all. So with the disclaimer taken care of, here I go.

Today, I want to know: What is at the root of all discontent? Why are people bitter with life and themselves? Is ‘ambition’ a bad word, after all? Does expectation set you up for disappointment? Do people have a bloated sense of self-perception? How much of it is destiny? Does everyone really get what he/she deserves? Tough questions, eh!? Well, here’s what I think..

The base hypothesis that we theorise on is: Every individual has his/her own perception of a utopian state, and consequently, a deviation from the same would lead to discontent; the degree of discontent being directly proportional to the extent of deviation. But wait, there is a rider, a tricky one at that. The definition of ‘Utopia’ is not static, essentially because it is defined in material terms. For instance, today, if it means a paycheck of 50K, a luxury sedan, and a penthouse apartment, with a family that roots for you and a man who loves you to death, then tomorrow ( No, I dont want so much. All the paraphernalia listed here is just to create the right effect!!), when you have it, it might not keep you happy for a long time for, "Yeh Dil Maange More!". And the ‘more’ you want of what you do not have, the ‘more’ unhappy, discontented and disillusioned you become. The more you whine about the best opportunities eluding you despite your being the best there is, and the more jealous you become of friends and colleagues whom you would otherwise love, if only they werent doing better than you! And you go, "Man, life sucks!! I aint getting nowhere – professionally or personally."

The million dollar question then is: Is trading your inner happiness and peace worth some small change of conforming to external standards of success and affluence? Yes, I say small change, for if that latest material acquistion, that cool new PDA phone, that beauty of an Ipod, the latest celeb-endorsed fragrance, that expensive Armani suit, or that Bentley chronograph, could buy you eternal happiness, you wouldn’t be whining. And while I swear by retail therapy myself, I would say it’s a symptomatic treatment for blues at best, and by no means curative. But I digress, the point that I am trying to make here is that you are trying to win a race, that doesn’t have a finishing line, and so however hard you or anybody might run, none is going to win. And really, it’s okay to take a breather every once in a while, take in the view, and take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is! To put it simply, count your blessings. And then get back to the run, for run you must. You’ll discover not only are you running harder, but running happier. Now, wouldn’t you want that?



Ever wondered- how many kisses it takes to melt a heart of stone? many tears before a river flows?! many heartaches before eternal bliss, or how many loves (or things that look like it) before THE ONE?…

If any numbers are important, these are…but believe you me, there arent even credible proximate guesses, much less accurate answers to these…

Another question: A deterministic world view would have us believe, "It’s destiny! All’s pre-determined". Why then the pain, the angst, the living hell of going through relationships that would seem ‘oh-so-right’ at the outset, only to be transcribed inexplicably as ‘not meant-to-bes’, six months down the line? Some would say, experience enriches you, makes you more aware of what you want and more importantly, what you absolutely do not? But again, cant self-awareness precede mistakes? Does learning necessarily come the hard way-through falling and failing? And if that’s indeed the way of it, why is it like that?

It’s said that all humans are blessed with Intuition- and a certain level of consciousness has all the answers, knows all you need to know. You need to get attuned to that level, ask for guidance and trust,   it’ll take you where you want to go. If that really is the case, why do we not have a clear sense of perspective? What does it take to get in touch with that level of consciousness?

Questions? questions?? Why so many of them?? And worse, why, no plausible answers???