Baby Blues

Baby Blues

Whenever a life is saved, we thank at least two beings – one is of course the omnipotent, omniscient creator that most of us call God. But the other, more tangible being, is the doctor who attended to the patient medically. In that sense, doctors carry a huge burden of hope on their shoulders. And when the patient they are attending to is a child, the burden is considerably heavier.

A few months ago we carried a story on the availability of facilities for neonatal surgeries in Thane. Recently, another sensitive neonatal surgery was performed on a mere 25-day-old infant. So complicated was the case that the incidence of its occurrence is three in a million! This case serves as a cautionary note to parents of infants who might be tempted to disregard or discount abnormalities as not serious.

A 15-day-old baby, who was otherwise normal, suddenly started passing urine from his umbilicus (navel). Initially, his mother ignored it, thinking that it is an ordinary serous discharge, as the child was also passing urine normally. There was no fever or any other abnormality detected. However, when the discharge continued for a couple of days, the concerned parents took their baby to Dr. Geeta Bhat, the pediatrician who was treating the infant. Dr Bhat immediately referred the parents to Dr. Laxmikant Kasat, who promptly diagnosed the infant as suffering from a condition that is medically known as “Patent Urachus”. The urachus is a tube that connects the bladder to the umbilicus. After birth, the urachus normally closes and becomes a ligament. But, if for some reason the urachus fails to close after birth, the tube remains open (patent). It is then that the urine starts leaking from the umbilicus and surgery becomes necessary to avoid bacterial and other infections.

When Dr Kasat decided to operate the infant, who was now 25-days-old, he was aware of the rarity of this case and took the most cautious approach. While the child was unconscious and made insensitive to pain using general anesthesia, an incision was made in the lower abdomen. The urachus was located and removed from the umbilicus and the bladder. The bladder opening was repaired, and the incision was closed. Thus, the oblivious baby was saved from what could’ve developed into a life threatening medical condition.

Like in the above case, many parents tend to self-diagnose and self-treat the symptoms using home remedies. This, according to Dr Kasat, is a dangerous practice. He said, “The point to remember is that whenever there is a urine-like discharge from the navel, especially in the newborns, parents must immediately consult a pediatric surgeon as there is a high likelihood of a patent urachus, which needs prompt surgery to prevent any possibility of severe urinary infections.” In fact Dr Kasat warned against treating such leaks with ointments, herbal paste   or simply waiting it out, all of which can prove dangerous, leading to pus formation and often inadequate and prolonged treatment. As in all medical complications, early diagnosis and treatment gives excellent results.

So the next time you observe any abnormal phenomenon in your newborn, however mild it may seem, do not take it lightly. Rush to your pediatrician and have the possibility of anything serious ruled out. After all you owe it your baby.

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  1. This is yet another feather in the cap of Dr. Lucky Kasat. I wish him all the very best of luck in his endeavour of serving the infants and providing them a healthy life ahead. He gets unuttered blessings from the infants and a laud appreciation from the parents. Keep it up Dr. Lucky.

  2. Dr.Kasat has done another marathon surgery today at our Nursing home at Mulund, on only 3 hrs. old newborn baby. This male child developed breathing diffculty immediately after birth. we diagnosed that the baby has congenital diaphragmatic hernia, means baby”s intestines and spleen were in the thorex collepsing the lung and pushing the heart. this was due to the birth defect in the diaphragam resulting into abdominal organs went in to chest. Dr. Kasat opearted on the baby. brought the intestine and spleen back to abdominal cavity and closed the huge defect. The baby is still critical and on vetilator. We all are praying for his survival. We all staff of Pooja nursing home wish Dr. Lucky Kasat to remain Lucky, so that this baby also goes home.

  3. I am glad that Dr Kasat did this rare surgery.This will cure the patient of the problem which was presented.I am happy to note that such surgery was performed by Dr Kasat.Congratulations.

    PDG Dr J T Vyas
    Head of Dept of General Surgery
    Nanavati Hospital

  4. Glad to know that people have enjoyed reading this article about Dr Kasat’s dexterity. If there are others out there who have achieved similar distinctions, or helped the world in their unique ways, please let me know. I would like to write about it and spread the word… and in my own small way contribute to the society.

  5. This is to keep everyone updated on the case mentioned by Dr.Sheth, of the child with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The child was discharged after a stormy post operative period.Dr. Kasat has indeed proved to be LUCKY,for this child who benefitted from his fabulous surgical effort. Keep up your good work.

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