Back to childhood

Back to childhood

My childhood was a time of reckless abandon
When life was a package of frolic and fun

When I spent my afternoons in aimless wandering
Walking in the hot sun, veering, never tiring

When I studied for exams just a day before
And surprised everyone later with the score

When I dreamed countless innocent dreams
And believed in them to absolute extremes

When I found enormous joy in crossing streams
And I expressed my happiness in loud screams

When I played with my friends the game of statue
And hunted those imaginary treasures of value

When being dirty and soiled was a sign of delight
That came out of thrashing an opponent in a fight

When singing and dancing was in itself a goal
And eating and drinking would merry my soul

When love simply meant mom’s delicious dishes
And my sister’s gifts packed with loads of wishes

When getting older was cool and happening
But without a clue of the problems of ageing

Now even though I’m in my life’s prime
A big part of me stayed back in time

Now every so often when I feel lost and alone
I simply turn to my little self that’s still my own

Then I feel childlike, blissful and innocent, again
As the wealth of my childhood is ever present, Amen

~© Manoj Khatri~

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  1. Good one sir…took me back a lot of years..wonderful times that were spent in idyllic enjoyment..a bliss that can yet bring a smile on the face and a sparkle in the eyes. Our teachers really did bless us with their knowledge and care….

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