Birthday Pledge

Birthday Pledge

On my 25th birthday,
I solemnly pledge that I shall

  1. resist judging
  2. sleep enough
  3. meditate
  4. write more
  5. cultivate empathy
  6. accumulate friends
  7. eat right
  8. keep fit
  9. act spontaneously
  10. spread joy
  11. defy guilt
  12. continue dreaming
  13. appreciate nature
  14. smile often
  15. be childlike
  16. maintain faith
  17. elude hatred
  18. stand firm
  19. trust intuition
  20. promote peace
  21. see faraway
  22. remain authentic
  23. stay on path
  24. love unconditionally
  25. serve others

5 Replies to “Birthday Pledge”

  1. The first twenty-five years, as the English poet Robert Southey, would have, perforce, said [He actually said twenty!], will be the longest half of your life! He did not, of course, visualise your definition of 25, though! Bravo!

  2. do you also pledge to lie….. (25 years hmmmm)

    You say so because you did not read a post before this one titled “25 till I choose” 🙂

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