“Count your blessings” is a timeless adage that somehow never seems relevant until we go through a crisis. Right now, I feel immensely blessed.

My blessings have arrived in an assortment of odd shapes and sizes. Here are a few:

My mother is a rare blessing. I wonder how she can tolerate me and stand by me through my most difficult times. I sometimes take her rock-steady support for granted. She is “unconditional acceptance” personified. She has taught me how to love unconditionally. She’s taught me kindness. She has taught me to have faith in trying circumstances. In fact, I think I have inherited all my virtues from her. I feel so blessed to have such a mom.

Three more grand blessings of my life are my older siblings, who have never questioned me on my decisions, however much they disagreed with them. They respect me for my talents, encourage me to pursue my dreams and allow me the space to be my weird self. I feel so blessed to have such siblings.

My friends, so many of them, are also my treasured blessings — always ready to listen without prejudice and accept me with my human fallibilities. Sometimes, they even fight with me just so that they can stop me from making a mistake! I feel so blessed to have such friends.

My teachers, many of who I have never even met, are my most revered blessings: Wayne Dyer, Robert Fulghum, Michael Crichton, Linda Goodman, Paulo Coelho, Neale Donald Walsh, M Scott Peck, Hugh Prather, and so many more, whose writings have inspired me, guided me, and made me wiser through the years. I feel so blessed to have such teachers.

My victimisers (yes, you read that right) are also my valued blessings. Without those who caused me pain and suffering, I wouldn’t have learned anything, and my soul would not have got the opportunity to grow as much as it did. I am grateful to them for the difficulties they brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have such adversaries.

I call my colleagues — subordinates, peers and bosses, and my business associates — my the commercial blessings. They have taught me, mostly unknowingly, many a lesson in the area of work ethic. I feel so blessed to have such colleagues.

Then there are strangers and acquaintances, who, in their ordinary interactions with me, remind me of the universal blessing that I am always bestowed and protected with. I feel so blessed to be on this planet.

© Manoj Khatri

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