Bloggers are time travellers

Bloggers are time travellers

Writing is the fourth dimension, I reckon. Isn’t it fascinating that every thought I transform into written text can travel in time and space to reach out to hundreds and thousands of readers across hundreds and thousands of miles? And it is so with every bit of writing—prose or poetry. What we write today can be read just a few moments later or days, months, even years later.

Sometimes I begin to write something and leave it half way. Then, when I return to it months later and find that I am transported back to the time when I first began writing it. You will relate to this if you maintain a daily dairy. Each time you read your diary, you travel back in time as you feel the same feelings, thoughts, and emotions at the time of writing those words down.

Mark Twain wrote more than a hundred years ago. William Shakespeare wrote 500 years ago. But their thoughts, ideas, stories reach us even today. I can visualise Shakespeare, sitting with his quill and parchment, writing Romeo and Juliet, The Comedy of Errors and Hamlet—stories that are timeless and touch the readers of today as much as they did in his time, centuries earlier. Just imagine: the thoughts that were once floating in Shakespeare’s great mind are, breaking all barriers of time and space, now floating in his readers’ minds.

Blogs are a wonderful example of travelling in space and time. Every blogger’s thoughts are floating in the universe, accessible to everyone “connected”. What you write today may be read by someone you do not even know—someone who might live in your neighbourhood but separated from you by a hundred years.

So the next time you write a post, remember: you might be unwittingly travelling in time and space. After all, all bloggers are time travellers.

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