Bypassing the Bypass

Bypassing the Bypass

Mark Twain said, "True love is the only heart disease that is best left to "run on" – the only affection of the heart for which there is no help, and none desired." But when the heart is plagued not by love but by excess cholesterol, emergency help is not only desired but is urgently sought!

A few days ago Dr. Nitu Mandke, one of the world’s leading cardiac surgeons was at Thane to speak about the new frontiers in conquering Heart disease. While delivering his speech, he said, "Ayurveda is the mother of all medical sciences. With its help, we can bypass the bypass surgery of the heart". According to Dr. Mandke Ayurveda has a historic significance and has been gaining immense recognition around the world. Research studies on Ayurveda and Yogic Sciences are being conducted in advanced countries such as America and Germany.

Dr. Mandke was here as a part of the delegation of reputed doctors from around Mumbai and Thane who had gathered at Gadkari Rangayatan to impart important information about heart disease to the ordinary, ignorant patients. Among the other doctors were Dr. Uday Kulkarni, Ayurveda Specialist and Dr. Satish Pathak from Ambika Yoga Kutir. Ayurveda Specialist Dr. Madhura Kulkarni and Sr. Journalist & former chief editor of Maharashtra Times Mr. Kumar Ketkar compered the show.

More than a thousand people attended the seminar, of which about eighty percent were suffering from one or the other heart ailment. Organized by Ayurveda and Panchkarma Centre of Thane, the seminar’s primary objective was to inform the public about how simple measures like lifestyle changes and dietary precautions can help prevent heart attacks.

During the seminar, a Cardiac Emergency Directory was circulated free among all attendees. The directory is extremely handy as it contains a map of Thane and contact numbers of all eminent cardiologists, ambulance numbers, blood banks, 24-hour chemists and scanning centers etc.

Most people are badly informed about heart diseases and its causes. In such a state of affairs, this effort of disseminating important information and providing useful guidance to the common people is really heartening.

Namesake confusion
Thane is a historic city and its present name is said to be derived from the word Sthan, the Capital of the Shilahara kings of Konkan. But when most people use the word "Thane" in Hindi, they refer to "Police Thane" or Police Station. This sometimes creates an awkward situation for Thaneites. Like it once did for Amit Arora.

When Amit was on a holiday in Punjab, his uncle asked him, "Where is your father?" to which he replied in all seriousness, "He’s in Thane". His uncle’s face turned pale and he asked him hesitantly, "Why, what happened?" Amit realized that the word ‘Thane’ had misled his Uncle to think that his father was at the Police Station. So he quickly clarified and saw his uncle relieved.

"What’s in a name?" asked Shakespeare. Well, he probably didn’t know then, that names have enormous capacity to generate confusion!

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