Catch them young!

Catch them young!

It was a pleasure watching young girls aged between five and eight performing in front of the huge audience at Gadkari Rangayatan on June 16, 2002. The occasion was the "Aakaar", the annual day function of Payal Nritya Natya Academy.

The tiny tots performing Bharatnatyam displayed an amazing sense of synchronization in their movements. Despite the difficult body movements involved in this form of dance, the little girls carried off the show with finesse. The group also enacted a unique theme of Mathematics by contorting their bodies to make the plus, minus, division and multiplication signs.

The audience was obviously spellbound as few expected these young performers to display such remarkable grace. These days, when most kids seem to enjoy dancing only to the tunes of Hindi film music, the petite girls seemed like a fresh gust of air.

Among the prominent personalities present was renowned stage actor Anant Mirashi who praised the little performers no end. "I always thought that classical dance was difficult and was only meant for adults. But these girls have changed my viewpoint. What surprised me were the perfect expressions that they brought out on their faces."

Celebrated American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham said, "Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they’re great because of their passion." The passion for dance seems ignited in these girls!

Star Struck Stocks
Stock market fever has gripped a number of Thaneites. Day-traders or ‘punters’ as they are fondly called, dot not only the bylanes of Dalal Street but also sub-broking shops in Thane’s Naupada, Panchpakadi and Charai areas. Walk into one of them between 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. and the chaos just zaps you. A dealer furiously enters quotes for buying and selling on a computer terminal, connected to a nationwide network, for what seems like a million simultaneous voices.

The most striking aspect of the chaos is the many "techniques" employed by the punters to predict stock price movements, some of which are devoid of any logic. One such extreme method is the use of astrological tables.

Many traders in Thane use the position of stars and planets to predict minute to minute movement of stock prices. Based on these predictions, the traders actually decide to buy or sell. The enterprising ones have even started advising others. One such trader advises: "You can avoid many losses and maximize your gains by only trading when your planetary transits are favorable for speculating. When your transits aren’t right for speculating, it is best to stay out of the markets. Execute your trading plan when your personal cycles are right, and watch the winning trades roll." So the next time you hear about the stock market crash, blame it on the stars.

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