Celebrating Ganpati with a Big Bang

Celebrating Ganpati with a Big Bang

There are many different decorations and themes put on show, yet the Pitale Family’s Ganpati is perhaps unlike any other you would have seen. That’s because the Pitale family celebrated Ganpati with the Big Bang!

The theme, as you guessed it, is the evolution of "life on earth". There is a decent show organized, complete with lighting and sound effects. The show starts with the occurrence of the Big Bang, some few billion years ago. With the help of lighting effects, it goes on to describe the formation of galaxies and stars, and how the Sun and the Earth came into being.

The show informs us about how life first began – how amino acids converted into proteins and RNA/DNA and so on. Colorful slides illustrating different stages of evolution are then shown, with a brief explanation of how life evolved from one stage to another. After the show gets over, you are richer with the knowledge of how unicellular forms evolved into invertebrates and vertebrates, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals and finally, modern age animals and human beings.

The real impact, though, is created at the end of the show, with a forceful question put to the audience. The lights go off, and a voice speaks, "But the question remains: Are we going to promote evolution to make this planet a better place to live in or are we going to destroy the delicate workings of billions of years of evolution and throw the earth back into the dark spaces of the universe?"

Then with a solitary light focusing on the Ganpati sculpture, the voice over urges, "Let us all pray to God to give us the wisdom of staying on earth without destroying it".

Although just a family celebration, the arrangement is professional, and the effect, lasting. "It’s a family effort", says Tushar Pitale, who developed the entire concept. An engineer from IIT, Tushar reveals that everyone in the family contributed to the effort in his/her own way. His wife and daughter worked on the artworks for stages of life. Tushar’s elder brother, Mandar, was the mastermind behind the lighting and electrical arrangements.

But this is not the first time that the Pitale family has celebrated Ganpati in such a fashion. Last year, they revealed the secret behind the rainbow. They had created a fully automatic mechanism to produce a rainbow in the living room. "We put optical and mechanical principles to work", says Tushar. In 1999, the year of the solar eclipse, they chose to recreate the eclipse in their house. Ganpati is a time for coming together of friends and relatives and the Pitale’s make the most of this occasion. Besides disseminating valuable information to all visitors, this gives them an opportunity to work hand in hand in a meaningful way.

Their mini-shows are so impressive, that each year, after the festival gets over, they find a place at a number of science exhibitions. For instance, the solar eclipse show was exhibited at a science exhibition organized by the Rastriya Balvigyan Parishad at Jawar. This year’s Big Bang show too is in demand. Mr. Surendra Dighe of Jignyasa Institute, has "booked" the show for an exhibition in Palghar.

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