I don’t know why did we meet?
Then chose to be bitter, not sweet

I don’t know why did we start?
Then chose pain over a joyous heart

I don’t know why did we hope?
Then chose to walk on a tightrope

I don’t know why did we pledge?
Then chose to push our luck to the edge

I don’t know why did we care?
Then chose to let our souls dare

I don’t know why did we pray?
Then chose to forever stay away

I don’t know why did we fight?
Then chose darkness instead of light

But I do know why we chose to love
‘cos God chose to bless us from above

© Manoj Khatri

3 Replies to “Choices”

  1. I think we do know, but we like to shun our truth. Thoughtful poem. Even in those painful moments we are blessed(imho) cause we still have that choice to choose pain over joy or joy over pain.

  2. Love ,joy,peace ,God ,life are issues worth reading and writing about and I loved all your poems.god blessed you with a pen and you upgrade it constantly like refilling ink.
    Let your ink be immortal and infinite.
    all the best,Be healthy and try to help others to be healthy.

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