Cuisine Crazy and Phone Woos

Cuisine Crazy and Phone Woos

It is said that English food is like English weather – dull, grey and wet. In the same vein, Indian Food is also quite like Indian weather – warm, bright and sunny with diversity at its core. The multiplicity of Indian cuisines is fantastic. From Punjabi to South Indian, Bengali to Gujarati, Rajastani to Malwani, delectable Indian fare whets the appetite of people all over the world.

Now, the grand mixture of cuisines from around the country is all set to tempt Thane residents. Between May 02 and May 04, 2003 a mega food exposition called Food Fiesta 2003 will be held at Ghantali Grounds. The organisers claim that this is the first time such an exhibition is being organised in the city. It will be a complete food exhibition which will not only display an assortment of recipes, but also food supplements, modern cooking appliances, kitchen sets and everything else related to food and cooking.

The highlight of Food Fiesta 2003 will be the food stalls allocated for special diets for the health conscious. So we’ll have stalls such as "Cholesterol-Free", "Diabetic Diet" and so on.

"What is food to one man may be fierce poison to another", said a first century Roman Philosopher named Lucretius. A poster exhibition will spell out several such foods and poisons based on the different constitutions, health issues and lifestyles. Visitors will get a good opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of various diets. The poster exhibition will propagate good food habits among visitors, especially those suffering from various ailments.

Cuisine competitions, demonstration sessions on cookery and quiz programmes on Food & Diet will add to the flavour. The fair will be thrown open to the public by Thane MP Prakash Paranjpe. Many other local politicians and celebrities are also expected to visit the exhibition.

For more information to participate as an exhibitor or simply visit the exhibition, readers may call the chief organiser Tushar Pitale on 25400399.

Busy Tone
According to a survey of 400 pre-teens, "youngsters are on the phone early in life, and by their middle teens years, are yakking nearly 12 hours a week". No wonder, phone addiction among children is surfacing as a major concern among parents. Besides the nuisance factor and soaring phone bills, there’s another problem that such phone mania inflicts on parents.

Thane’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Nandakumar Chaugule relates an interesting little episode. He has two landlines installed at his home. In spite of that, when he recently tried to reach his wife, he just could not get through to her for an extended period of time. Assuming that his phones might have gone ‘dead’, he finally resorted to calling on his neighbour’s line and requested the kind neighbour to call his wife so he would speak to her. Turned out that both the lines were working fine – his son was speaking to a friend on one and the other line was connected to the Internet!

This little story goes to show that phone addiction plagues all parents alike – doesn’t help even if you’re a top police official!

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