Detention Please!

Detention Please!

"Pay attention or face detention", seems to be the new mantra of teachers coping with difficult children. Many readers may recall that Detention is the favorite punishment handed over to students by the teachers in the popular teenage comics Archie’s.

For the benefit of all its students, Bharat English High School in Thane East has now introduced a more enduring form of Detention room. Students requiring special attention are identified and moved to this specially created division, which has two extra hours of school each day. The idea is to deal with behavior problems of the weak, mischievous and disruptive students by giving them special attention and also to keep them away from other students.

It is common knowledge that undesirable behavior among school students is on the rise universally. Today’s parents and teachers have to deal with such grave issues as disobedience, disruption, rules violations, absenteeism, gang related behavior, fighting, assault, vandalism and even drugs/smoking.

School, home and the community at large, share the responsibility for helping each student learn appropriate ways to behave. Hopefully, Bharat school’s move would create a positive school climate that will go a long way in controlling unruly behavior, maintaining discipline and instilling sincerity among the students who have lost their way.

"Fair Advantage"

Thane residents may not realize that they hold a unique advantage living in this city of lakes. The advantage comes in the form of the boating facilities available at the Masunda Lake, popularly known as Talao Pali. Although it may sound trivial, but by virtue of being Thane residents, people here have acquired the know-how of rowing boats! While rowing is a thoroughly entertaining and unwinding experience, it sometimes proves to be a useful skill to possess.

Boating at Venna Lake is a popular activity among the tourists at Panchgani. So when a group of Thane youngsters recently went for a trip to the beautiful hill station, they found reason to be proud.

Rowing is not everyone’s cup of tea, so most people around the Venna Lake were quite content opting for paddleboats. However our friends from Thane were well equipped with the skills necessary to row, making them opt for the more difficult and uncommon form of boat – the one with oars instead of paddles.

The group of youngsters navigated merrily in the lake, while others looked in awe. Our friends soon became the centre of attention, as they were the only ones who had opted for rowing in place of paddling. Needless to say, they enjoyed every moment of attention they got.

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