Discovering your talent

Discovering your talent

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade," said the great American statesman and inventor, Benjamin Franklin. Talent, if rearranged, spells "latent". It is said that that each of us possess some talent, which is often latent until discovered. And the best time to discover your talents is during childhood, because then you have a lifetime opportunity to hone and employ your talent.

Last week, students of Sulochana Devi Singhania High School participated in the "cultural week" celebrations, an annual event that offers opportunities to discover and stimulate talent in various disciplines. The event is celebrated across all classes, from Junior KG to class X and throughout the duration of the event, hundreds of competitions are held. It culminates with the youth festival that is being celebrated today (October 02).

As in many schools, all students belong to one of the four houses: Vindya, Himachal, Yamuna, Ganga. Every time, a student wins, points are awarded to the house they represent. At the end of the festival, the house with maximum points is awarded the trophy.

While competitions for the higher classes are tougher and more competitive, those for the smaller children are designed to encourage them to discover their talents and then build their confidence in using them. Students of Kindergarten participated in recitation, drawing, fancy dress, handwriting and storytelling contests. Handwriting and storytelling was open only to Senior KG students and the latter turned out to be quite tough. "Only 30 students out of the 330 could be in the finals, and it was indeed difficult to decide, because all children were so good," says Sangita Pitale, Coordinator for the pre-primary section.

The fancy dress contest of the pre-primary section was a rather interesting event. Gone are the days when children would dress up as historical figures, cartoon characters or celebrities. Approximately 600 kids, 300 each from Junior and Senior KG, appeared on the stage – most of them dressed as inanimate and devise objects or intangible ideas. So there was an ambulance, complete with flashing lights, a Lotus flower, a scarecrow, spider with deadly legs, a silkworm, who actually crawled on to the stage, a mobile phone, a butterfly who came out of cocoon, pollution control, and even a messenger of peace. Of course there were also some who turned up as Pokemon characters like Picachio.

The various competitions got over on September 29. Of course, only a handful of children were declared winners, while the rest of them silently vowed to try harder next time. But it is not winning or losing that counts. It is discovering and using your talent. Like Leo Buscaglia said, "Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." These children are in a process of unwrapping God’s gifts. Someday they will offer their own gift to God.

God of all ages
Hanuman Vyayamshala, the city’s 81-year old sports association, celebrated its 80th year of Ganpati celebrations. The enthusiasm of the students, ex-students and instructors of this institute is rather contagious. Each year, the students of the institute participate in organizing the Ganpati celebration right from the beginning. What’s interesting is that many ex-students of the association are now senior citizens. And the current members are usually school students. So on 27 September, hundreds of students, ex-students, parents and instructors got together at the institute to participate in the visarjan by playing lezim. It was a sight to see as Ganesha brought together the oldest and the youngest of his devotees, as they danced away merrily to songs sung in praise of the Lord.

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