Divine Frenzy

Divine Frenzy

Divine Frenzy. I love the expression. It’s what my friend and colleague says is at the core of my poetry. I believe him. I think nothing else explains the flow of verses out of me. It would be correct to say that I don’t write my poems, they are written. A few times, a poem has flowed out of me when I am half asleep, the urge to express being so strong that I couldn’t resist.

Apparently, it was Plato who first coined the term Divine Frenzy. According to Plato, poetry springs from divine frenzy, frenzy from the Muses, and the Muses from Jove, who is soul of the whole universe. Jove inwardly nourishes heaven and earth, the moving seas, the moon’s shining orb, the stars and sun. [Reference: Marsilio Ficino’s letter to Peregrino Agli; The Letters of Marsilio Ficino, Volume 1, © 1975]

If divine frenzy is indeed what I experience, then I am blessed because what I write flows through me, not from me. The universal force is expressing itself via me. Oh! how wonderful I feel being an avenue of universal thought and feeling.

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