"We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession", said George Bernard Shaw. With such faith comes tremendous social responsibility which the noble profession of Medicine is supposed to carry. Practising physicians carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders as they must constantly update their knowledge to keep it current. But new challenges in the field of medicine are not making the task of physicians enviable. Fresh discoveries of both diseases and their antidotes are surfacing at an unbelievable speed.

We must give doctors their due though, as most of them keep learning as long as they practise. They do so by various methods like reading the latest books and journals, browsing the Internet etc. One important manner in which doctors keep their knowledge fresh and current is by participating in medical seminars.

Thane District Medical Practitioners Association (TDMPA) is an association of qualified doctors formed with the objective of spreading knowledge through interaction and to encourage healthy relationships between doctors. Communication is an extremely potent form of knowledge disbursement and TDMPA’s objective is to provide a platform for the same. TDMPA has also supported National Programmes like eradicating Polio, D.O.T for T.B, Leprosy, HIV and AIDS.

TDMPA celebrated its eleventh anniversary on January 13, 2002 at Gadkari Rangayatan. It was a function organized by the doctors and for the doctors!

Gracing the occasion was Dr. L.H. Hiranandani who is the first ENT specialist from India to receive the Padma Bhushan, the Dhanwantri Award and World’s Golden Award from International Federation of ENT. Dr. Hiranandani was recently honored as the ‘Surgeon of the Millennium’ by the Oto-Laryngologist & Head & Neck Surgeons Association of India.

Also present were other reputed physicians such as Dr. Deepak Amrapurkar, Dr. Sushil Shah, Dr. Amit Maydeo, Dr. Nagal and Dr. Samdani. Together with Dr. Hiranandani, they guided an audience comprising 700 doctors. The topics of discussions covered an entire gamut of medical matters ranging from liver disorders to pathological investigations in HIV/AIDS. Even topics like "Medical Ethics" were discussed.

Chief Medical Officer of Thane Municipal Corporation Dr. Munde felicitated the team of 40 doctors, who had worked relentlessly for the success of the function.

Any qualified medical practitioner can enroll as a member of the TDMPA. For further details, please contact Dr. M.P.Shah (President of TDMPA) on 536 9309.

Ticket Please
The population of Thane city has grown manifold during the last decade or so, but the public infrastructure has failed to match up. This has led to strange problems. Take for instance ticket counters at the railway station. Buying suburban train tickets is an uphill task for residents of Thane west, especially during peak hours and on public holidays. The coupon validating-machines lie useless as they are forever suffering a breakdown. This adds to the agony of the travelers who have to endure really long and serpentine queues.

But trust a few mavericks to figure out a solution. Like Dnyanesh Bhatavedekar who uses a guerilla tactic to beat the crowds. In times of extreme urgency, he buys his tickets from a solitary ticket counter on the East side of Thane station (Kalyan side), which is almost always deserted. At the risk of encountering a Ticket Collector Dnyanesh crosses over to the East side, using the Railway FOB. We must appreciate his bravado and honesty – at least he doesn’t travel ticket-less!

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