Each One Reach One

Each One Reach One

Losing a loved one is perhaps the most challenging of all tests that life offers. At such times it is comforting to know that even though our physical existence is a time-bound phenomenon, the mysterious and unseen energy called life is beyond the grip of time. In that sense, each one of us is immortal. One such immortal soul is Archit Chitre, a compassionate and visionary young boy, whose physical existence came to an end on 18 April 2000 when, at 16, he succumbed to cancer. But Archit lives on.

On October 22, 2005, which is Archit’s birthday, a trust named ARCHIT (Alliance of Real Creative Humane Individuals Today) was born. The trust, formed by Archit’s parents, will work towards fulfilling their son’s dream of a loving and caring society. The focus of the trust would be welfare activities for children in Thane.

Each one Reach One - Learning Project for Slum Children

Health, education, recreation, foster care and sponsorship programmes are some of the things on ARCHIT’s agenda.

The first of ARCHIT’s initiatives, called Child-to-Child Programme, was kicked off on November 14 (Children’s Day), in Thane. The programme helps children from the privileged sections of the society to become sensitised to their less fortunate counterparts and lend a helping hand to them. ARCHIT Disha, a learning project by Bhartiya Mahila Federation and led by Dr Gita Mahajan, was instituted in Jankadevi Slums at Pokhran 2. Around 50 slum children from various age groups were identified. These children don’t or can’t go to school for some reason or the other and will be taught by school- or college-going students from well-to-do families.

ARCHIT will provide them with books and other educational facilities.

ARCHIT’s primary objective is to encourage and facilitate children to form networks within their own locality and then take up issues of social relevance. The motto of ARCHIT is “Each one, reach one”. Several children have already been doing social work in their own small way. With ARCHIT’s support, these children can now go beyond their own capacity and offer serious assistance to those in need. For instance, on Children’s Day, another ARCHIT project involved a young girl from Lok Puram. Along with a her friends, Jennifer Augustine visited Jeevan Asha, a care centre for children of construction workers, where they interacted with the children there and understood first hand the problems of these children. Jennifer and her friends will now spread this awareness to a larger group and mobilise help in various forms. Another poignant story is of Neerja Randive, a class VI student from Sulochanadevi Singhania School, who visited a 96-year-old man in Vasant Vihar and has expressed her wish to “adopt” him. Abhishek Rajderkar, a class X student in Vasant Vihar School has taken the lead for a project called “From Children’s Day to Mother’s Day”. The project, which began on November 14, will culminate on May 8, 2006 on Mother’s Day, when children will appeal for the formation of an alliance of mothers.

The force behind the trust is Archit’s mother, who prefers to be called “Mit”. Mit, which in Hindi, means “friend”, is also an acronym for “Made In Thane”. ARCHIT is also supported by several adults, called mentors, who contribute in their own ways. Archit’s father Pradeep Chitre, Sulochana Kapil, Sarmishtha Chaudhury, Bharti Modi and so many more…the list goes on.

Thane can already feel the presence of ARCHIT and soon even Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will feel him. Mit says, “This is only a small beginning. Activities such as those undertaken by ARCHIT must extend beyond time and space, so that our children will continue the good work long after us.”

ARCHIT has extended an invitation to children from Thane interested in working for a social cause to identify, and bring along, one “underprivileged buddy” from their locality, who can then be supported by ARCHIT. Children can contact Mit on 55998815 or Sarmistha Chaudury on 9821521569.

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