As I wander alone in life
Wanting to be needed,
needing to be loved
Willing to belong,
longing to be wanted
I see the yawning black sky,
and its never-ending vastness
Mirroring my heart’s emptiness,
concealing its beat’s fastness,
but revealing my soul’s freeness

The universe seems so pointless
Millions of stars shining
for billions of years together,
making a pretty sight
for us to adore at night
But is that their purpose?
To simply adorn the sky
The yawning, black sky
The endless, vast sky
Is it so pointless?
If yes, I wonder why?
Just as I wonder
about the pointlessness
of my life… and cry

© Manoj Khatri

* * * * * * * *
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3 Replies to “Emptiness”

  1. A soul’s call for meaning outside that which we give ourselves, and may you feel my arm over your shoulder friend, for we may not get any, except that we may give ourselves. I, too, wonder such as you do.

  2. i guess most of us always search for meaning, for purpose or for that happiness we long to hold…i’ve been in that stage where i question the validity of my existence…but at the end of the day, i am always faced with that blunt answer: live life…as we try to search for love, we may forget the love which is on our side….value what is being freely given to us….enjoy life!

  3. If I could, we could huddle around a bonfire and let each other be as we ponder these thoughts. We could share the box of tissue or be amused at the seeming pointlessness of the thought. I feel this way too, but to me the expanse is not empty, its an oppurtunity to fill up. Its not pointless, its part of my growing into the expanse, nanometer by painful nanometer, very much like the sprout of a lemon plant(so far that is the slowest growing plant that I have ever planted). And the Expanse is an indication of our Limitlessness, of our timelessness.

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