All my life I had waited
kept faith, anticipated
in hope of finding you
persevered all through

I always wanted to feel
consumed by love‘s zeal
I had a feeling innate
I’d meet my soul’s mate

I missed a beat or two
when I finally found you
in answer to the prayers
I had said with silent tears

I knew one day we’ll meet
I’ll be swept off my feet
my soul will then rejoice
even if I’m not your choice

You know I don’t expect
I know there’s no prospect
that you’ll ever be mine
no, not in this lifetime

But that’s ok you see
‘cos I love you selflessly
I know I can’t explain
what is my soul’s gain

I love you nonetheless
and I bless you regardless
‘cos my love is ageless
and my soul…is endless

~© Manoj Khatri~

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