Exam Adventure

Exam Adventure

Had it not been for the professional attitude and thoughtfulness on the part of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, the sudden call for Maharashtra Bandh, last week could have caused a lot of inconvenience to its students who fall under the ICSE board.

As you know, the State Boards announced the postponement of the SSC and HSC exams scheduled on March 1, 2002 – the day of Bandh. But the ICSE board exams do not come under the jurisdiction of state boards and they had to be conducted as scheduled.

Taking the situation as a challenge, the Singhania School staff, under the leadership of Pincipal Mrs. Vijayan Ravi, worked out a wonderful arrangement so that the 208 students of class X are not inconvenienced on such a crucial day.

A day before the exam, the School staff contacted every single student by the phone informing them about their plan. Though the exam was to begin at 2:30 in the afternoon, students were asked to assemble in the school campus early next morning, before the effect of the Bandh begins to show. Parents too were allowed to accompany their wards. More importantly, students who could not be contacted by phone were contacted in person by an official representative of the school. The school made sure that the message is conveyed to every student.

What really overwhelmed the parents and students was the thoughtful arrangement made by the staff to take care of basic necessities such as food, water etc. On a day when all shutters would be down, it certainly called for astute planning on the part of the school to make breakfast and lunch available to almost 500 people.

Most students can’t do without the last-minute-revision, so they were allowed to study anywhere they liked, as long as they were within the school campus. Before the exam, students were seen all throughout the school – the library, the garden, classrooms and even the playground.

"Just before the examination began, some students touched the feet of their teachers, in return for blessings – much like the days of Gurukul" said Tushar Pitale, a visibly impressed parent.

He said, "For most parents, this was a rare opportunity as they looked on, while students prayed, studied and ate together, regardless of their communities. They saw teachers performing Saraswati Puja, holding last-minute revision sessions and generally encouraging students to fare well in the exams. This was in sharp contrast with what was happening outside".

The day was peaceful and the exams were conducted smoothly. A couple of days later, the Principal received a bouquet made up of 208 roses, one for each student. It was presented to the School staff by the Parents-Teachers Association in appreciation of the excellent handling of a particularly difficult situation.

A Collective Prayer
On March 5, 2002, hundreds of people offered their prayers to Gajanan Maharaj, who was highly revered saint from Shegoan in Maharashtra.

The devotees were celebrating his Prakat Din (day of appearance) with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. Devotees started flowing in as early as four in the morning and kept coming till late evening, all of them eager to catch a glimpse (darshan) of the saint’s idol.

It was impossible to ignore the long queues originating from the temple situated on the Ram Maruti Road. The ladies queue almost looked like a human chain as it extended right up to the ICICI bank, which is located a approximately 300 metres away from the temple.

This year, the prakat din followed, what can be called as one of the worst communal episodes of the country. Let’s hope that the collective prayers offered on this auspicious day will help in restoring communal harmony. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action."

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