Expressing love

Expressing love

I run my hands through her hair
Then stroke her head gently
telling silently
how much I care

I place her hand in my palm
Then place it on my heart
singing softly
my life’s psalm

I lay her cheeks next to mine
Then kiss the tip of her nose
expressing quietly
my love divine

I pull her slowly with my arms
Then bring her closer to me
disclosing lightly
my hidden charms

I whisper faintly in her ears
Then hum a sweet melody
dismissing firmly
all her fears

I gaze deeply into her eyes
Then drown her in mine
revealing slowly
my soul’s surprise

I take her easily into space
Then show her eternity
exposing finally
God’s real face

~© Manoj Khatri~

4 Replies to “Expressing love”

  1. Loved the ending of your quartrains, Manoj. It could be truth that for all the suffering in the world, the Divine left it to us to vindicate Him, affirming Divinity in our emotional bonds.

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