Flowers in Bloom

Flowers in Bloom

Last week on Friday, the Garden School of Thane was blooming with flowers. Only, these were unique flowers that could walk, talk, laugh and dance. The pre-school students of the school were participating in a Fancy Dress Competition with "Flowers" as the theme. So we had roses, sunflowers, daisies and lotuses blossoming across the school.

Earlier during the week, the children were introduced to various kinds of flowers, especially those they were unfamiliar with, because they don’t see them in the school garden. The fancy-dress competition is a means of teaching children creativity and it also helps them remember more effectively. Each student had to come in front of the audience and speak a sentence or two about the flower he or she had become. Such exercises leave indelible impressions on children and whatever they learn stays with them forever. For instance, when children returned to school on Monday, and teachers questioned them about flowers, they could answer easily because they knew which of their classmates dressed up as those flowers. Every child received a gift for participation and many of them won prizes for creativity. Parents too must be credited for the hard work they put in to ensure that their child does well in such competitions.

In the past, themes such as Fruits, Vegetables, Letters of the Alphabets and even Under-Water creatures, Insects, have been given to children of the school. Children learn better when involved in some sort of activity and events such as above are good examples of unconventional, yet efficient teaching methods.

Teaching to teach
Speaking about teaching methods, Gram Mangal, an organisation committed to the betterment of Adivasis, is organising an exhibition on teaching aids. The exhibition will demonstrate new, researched tools that teachers and parents can use to make learning attractive and useful to children. These interesting tools do not use writing or reading but focus on self-learning. As such, they are not exam-oriented and therefore lay more emphasis on true understanding of the subjects as opposed to cramming for scoring higher grades. Traditional teaching relies primarily on reading and writing to explain basic concepts to children and tests memory rather than aptitude and intelligence. The methods that would be displayed at the exhibition take a practical approach that can be used from early childhood. The aids demonstrated can be used to teach students from Junior KG to class VII. Subjects such as science, geography, history and even languages can be taught using these aids.

Besides Thane, teachers and parents from Vashi, Airoli, Kalyan and Mumbai are also expected. The exhibition will be held in at Dr Bedekar Vidyamandir (A K Joshi), Gokhale Road on Saturday February 21 between 4pm and 8pm and on Sunday February 22 between 9am and 9pm. Entry is free. For more information, please call Harshada on 9820309265.

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