Food Fete

Food Fete

Food recipes are meant to be shared. And that’s exactly what they do at food festivals where people prepare variety of dishes and put them on display. In this respect, chefs and cooks can be easily compared with artists. Dione Lucas, cooking school teacher, television chef and cookbook author says, "The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living."

January 11, 2002 was a joyful day for food lovers in Thane, when the 22nd Food Festival cum Cooking Competition was organised at CKP Hall. Over 500 people visited the exhibition which was organised by "Snehada" woman’s association, C.K.P Mahila Branch.

The event had over hundred and fifty items competing in four major categories. These four categories were Pungent, Non-vegetarian, Desserts and decoration. But the competition wasn’t as easy as it seems. There were rules to be followed. Like the desserts had to be prepared using only potatoes as the main ingredient. And the pungent category required contestants to prepare "khichdi" using only sprouted vegetables and rice.

So we had Potato cakes, Potato Gulab Jamun and Potato Sheera on display! The first prize winner of the desserts category was Shailaja Kulkarni for her extremely delicious Potato Gulab Jamuns. Smita Lanjkar, Sadhana Phadnse and Geeta Ravte were the winners in other categories.

Smt. Pramod Gupte, the president of Snehada says, "The items were judged on various aspects like taste, presentation, written recipe and spontaneity. So it is important that besides being delectable, the dish should look tempting and the recipe should be authentic and original."

Harriet Van Horne, a famous American writer once said, "Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." Now we now that the secret behind the potato desserts is that all important ingredient – love.

Colorful Memories
At yet another function held recently, a different form of art was discussed. The function was held in appreciation and salutation of a book written by renowned painter L. R. Patole. Originally from Sholapur, Patole is based in New York since the last 30 years.

The function was jointly organized by Marathi Granth Sangralaya, a 108-year old library located behind Prabhat Talkies and Swarang Nirmiti, a publication project. The main speakers were eminent painter of Thane Jyotsna Kadam and Principal of Thane School of Art, Mrs. Neelima Kadhe.

The book is called "Athavancha Rangresha" or Colorful Memories. According to Makarand Joshi, secretary of Marathi Granth Sangralaya, "This book assumes significance as it is an extremely valuable and rare addition to the world of Marathi Literature. There are very few books written about Marathi painters and their art."

The book is autobiographical in nature (first-person narration) wherein the author relates various phases of his life, his paintings, the persons he met and the events that were responsible to lead him to the world of painting.

Pablo Picasso, one of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century said, "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary". In other words, Patole’s book is actually based on his diary – his paintings.

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