Freedom from Stress

Freedom from Stress

A recent survey showed that 70-90% of us feel stressed at work and outside. Today’s fast paced lifestyle is putting a toll on us. Unless we learn to manage stress, we will get sick. Stress and tension impact our entire being; our body, mind, and spirit.

But popping pills is hardly the solution. Ours is a chemically dependent society, perpetually drugging itself to relieve stress. What we fail to realise that painkillers, anti-depressants and other substances may provide temporary respite, but only at the cost of causing long-term, sometimes irreversible, damage to our physical and mental selves.

There is a safer remedy for our overmedicated, overstressed society: Yoga. We can overcome the effects of stress and manage them by utilizing the beneficial breathing techniques and postures that yoga provides. These techniques can not only alleviate the problems we encounter daily, but can revitalize and nourish the mind, body, and spirit over a prolonged period of time, enabling all of us to have long and healthy lives. The popularity of Yoga can be assessed from its followers who range from world renowned physicians to Hollywood superstars. Clearly, interest in yoga is surging throughout the world.

Now, overstressed individuals in Thane too have an opportunity to free themselves from the constant worries and anxieties accompanying them. Thane based Gogate’s Personality Development Center is introducing a one-month stress management programme for working executives. From September 01, 2002, Rashmi Bapat, a qualified Yoga teacher, will conduct early morning sessions on Yoga.

Bapat, who has a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy from Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation (Bangalore) explains, "Yoga is a proven and powerful transformative practice that integrates body, mind and spirit. Participants will learn yoga asanas, pranayam breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques."

Each morning session will last approximately ninety minutes and will address the issues of stress. In the first half, the participants will be taught the physiology of stress and its management with yoga. The second half will comprise of a lecture on diet and relaxation. The session will conclude with half an hour dedicated to personal counseling to address individual needs. This last part is worthy of note as each individual has a unique physical and mental constitution. Therefore a generalised course may leave finer aspects of an individual’s problem unattended. To enable this personal attention, a maximum of eight persons will be allowed per batch.

Vasant Gogate, the founder of the center, is himself an avid student of Yoga. Having learnt about the benefits of Yoga early in his life, he wants to make this ancient wisdom available to the residents of this city. His programme is specially designed for the modern day executive who deals with various forms of social and personal pressures which in turn causes his/her health to deteriorate.

Blood pressure, cardiac problems and depression are some of the common derivatives of stress. So if you suffer from stress or simply want to give a new lease of life to your self, you may want to consider participating in this programme.

To enroll in the Stress Management Programme, you may contact Vasant Gogate on Tel. nos. 5400859, 5383486

At a glance – Benefits of Yoga

  • Physical: Through healing, strengthening, stretching and relaxing the skeletal, muscular, digestive, cardio-vascular, glandular and nervous systems.
  • Mental: Through the cultivation of a quite and a peaceful mind, alertness and concentration
  • Spiritual: Through a heightened awareness of self; helps in meditation

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