Fruits of Education

Fruits of Education

It is well-documented that students understand concepts and ideas better when hands-on involvement accompanies theory. Saraswati Mandir Trust’s Pre-primary section adopts this approach in their day-to-day teaching. Like last week, when they organised a "Vruksha Dindi", a procession of saplings.

The idea of the procession was to educate the pre-primary kids about how trees are planted, how they grow and also to make them appreciate the importance of trees in the ecology. The preparation began on July 18 when the students were asked to sow a seed, preferably mango seed, in their homes and water it daily. Then, on August 05, the students were asked to bring their seed-turned-sapling to school. The sapling-procession, which ensued, looked rather fascinating with students dressed in outfits with the theme of trees. So there were little girls and boys, aged around four or five,  turned up as trees, trunks, branches, fruits and even parrots, marching forward. There was a Vanadevi too (Goddess of the forest). Students were carrying placards with environment friendly messages such as "Trees are our friends" and "Plant more trees". The staff of the school sang songs praising trees. Later, the saplings were stored in a beautifully decorated space reserved for them. The saplings will be handed over to Thane-based environment-care NGO Hariyali, for further care.

The sapling-procession is akin to sowing a hundred seeds from which a whole forest of environment consciousness will grow, each tree bearing the sweetest fruits. Mother Nature will be pleased.

A Divine Course
Bhagavad Gita, literally translated as "the song of the Divine" is the most revered sacred scripture of the Hindu religion. Many believe that the wealth of spiritual wisdom contained in the Gita is the only antidote to the widespread human suffering, which is the result of a highly materialistic life focused only on accumulation. The "more" disease, as it is sometimes referred, causes us humans to fight with each other, with nature and with ourselves. Most of us seem to have forgotten that we are spiritual beings in human form. Perhaps only by becoming aware of our spiritual aspect, our true inner self, will each us be able to get hold of lasting contentment and peace of mind. Alas, the vicious circle of urban life does not allow us to explore the divine part of us, keeping us busy in accumulations and possessions.

Residents of Thane are now getting an opportunity of self-exploration via Gita lessons. Sri Ma Trust has organised a free certificate course in Bhagavad Gita for Thaneiets. The course was initiated on the auspicious occasion of Guru Pournima and is held every Sunday between 4.30 and 5.30 pm at Sri Ma Vanasthali located behind Municipal Commissioner’s Bungalow at near Hiranandani Estate. Already, about 25 parents of Sri Ma Bal Niketan students have registered for the course, which is open to all residents of Thane. Nirmal Jothi, principal of Sri Ma Bal Niketan conducts the sessions. A division for children’s development, christened Sri Ma Bal Seva Mandal (SMBSM) was also instituted on the same day. Among other activities, SMBSM too will conduct Essence of Gita courses for the benefit of inculcating the right spiritual values in children.

The wisdom of Gita distributed to a small group of people in Thane may not make the slightest difference to the sorry state of affairs of the world, but it does have a potential to alter the world of every individual in the group. The secret is to trust the wisdom of Lord Krishna much like Arjuna did.

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  1. A wonderful effort by Saraswati pre-primary school. They are sowing seeds of environment consciousness in the minds of children when they are most impressionable.

  2. It’s great to see a Thane school Saraswati Mandir Trust taking a lead to educate tiny tots about the importance of trees in our ecology. Am sure if the same is replicated over many other schools, soon we should be able to see a drastic cahnge in our everyday environment. If it is succesfully done, we can surely see a “Green” if not exactly “Clean” Mumbai (take that Thane as well)….

  3. its good to see that child have learn to about envirnorment protection since childhood. im looking to see about the HARYALI NGO would u help me. i want make plantation in raipur chattisgarh need some help due this regard. so help me out

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