Get that extra edge!

Get that extra edge!

As the new academic year begins, most students get busy with their school, homework and tuition classes. While academic pursuits are important, the role of extracurricular activities in the life of students cannot be over-emphasised.   Students who participate in non-academic pursuits develop an all-round personality, which holds them in good stead in their later life, both in their careers and their personal lives. Experts concur that it is important that students expose themselves  to as many different career options as possible during their high school. Not everyone excels in academics, but there are other aspects that exams do not test. Participating in extracurricular activities also help students discover hidden talents, meet interesting people, inspire self-confidence and learn about things outside their immediate environment. One other advantage of non-academic endeavours is that it provides a respite from the monotony of bookish studies, which eventually helps the students perform better at academics.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in extracurricular pursuits by helping them find and enrol with the various groups within and outside their school. Depending on the child’s propensity and interests, he or she should look for activities that either support their current interests or help them explore newer ones. Unless they are exposed to various activities, they will never know what they really like. Adventure, nature trails, sports, singing, music, dancing, literary pursuits, acting/ theatre, reading, writing, drawing, painting – there are scores of options. And each of them offers fabulous career options in the future.

A word of caution to students: be careful not to overextend yourself by taking on too many activities. Extracurricular activities are supposed to complement a student’s life, not complicate it. When you are involved in too many activities or in an activity that takes up too much time, you may become stressed, which will negatively affect your grades.

Because you live in Thane, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to sign up for the several extra-curricular activities offered by schools, adventure clubs, NGOs and other groups. So this year, resolve to enrol yourself in extracurricular activities that will expand your scope, so that you can have that "extra" edge in life.

Life as an army officer
We are fortunate to live in a country where joining the armed forces is voluntary. There are many countries where the military draft makes it mandatory to serve the armed forces for a certain period in your life. In spite of this, the Indian armed forces are among the largest in the world. The pride and respect associated with armed forces is unrivalled. Here’s an opportunity for students of Thane to find out what life as an officer in the armed forces is like.

For more than ten years now, the Jidnyasa Trust has been organising an annual "Military Training Programme" in the city. Held under the guidance of Major (Retd.) Subhash Gawand, the programme is open to students of class VI, VII and VIII. One of the objectives of this training is to prepare boys and girls for the competitive entrance tests such as National Defence Academy (NDA). Students are trained in military parade, air rifle shooting, self-defence, mountaineering, first aid, civil defence and aero-modelling. Group discussion session and public speaking will be organised to develop interpersonal skills. Military training inculcates the highest sense of discipline among its participants at a young age. It also aids improving general behaviour, develops stamina and achieves overall growth of young students.

Like in the past couple of years, the training is being organised in association with P.E. Society’s English School and training sessions will be held in the school premises. The minimum prescribed weight of applicants is 30 kg and they should be at least 135 cm tall. The training sessions will be held every Sunday between 7 am and 11.30 a.m. To enrol, contact Maj. (Retd.) Subhash Gawand, Trustee of Jidnyasa Turst, at P. E. Society’s English School, Mithbunder Road, Thane (East) at 7.00 a.m. on June 26, 2004.

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