Give and receive

Give and receive

I received this beautiful message from someone I met only once — perhaps an evolved soul:

“In wanting I give to receive
In loving I receive from giving”

There is wisdom and truth in it.

When we give something with an intention, then deep down there is a wanting that is the motivator of our “giving”. The intention may be purely material — as in giving your services to a company in return for monetary benefits. Or it could be something as noble as giving charity, expecting in return a feeling of contentment and worthiness. The intention is immaterial, as long as it is there.

When we give without any intention, it is inspired by love. When we love, selflessly and unconditionally, we simply give. There is no intention and no reason. It is giving for its own sake. The accompanying pleasure and delight is unexpected. We receive even without wanting to.

Here’s the irony: In wanting, very often there are no guarantees of receiving, even though the intention of giving is to receive. In loving, there is no intention to receive, but we do receive each time we give. Though what we receive is invisible, intangible, and priceless.

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  1. Everything is giving and receiving. We don’t give even tiniest alms (materially or spiritually) without receiving something and vice versa. All progress is based on this. –Erkki Melartin

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