Global warming — truth or politicised science?

Global warming — truth or politicised science?

It is World Environment Day [WED] on June 05, 2007. This year’s WED theme is “Melting Ice – A hot topic?”

Why is ice melting? Because of global warming. And what is global warming? Simply put, it means hotting up of our beloved planet.

Some say it is because of the rising temperatures on Earth. The cause: deforestation and burning of fossil fuels, leading to a drastic increase in CO2 levels, which in turn is trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Some others say global warming is politicised science at its worst—that global warming is a myth. I am inclined to agree with this set of people, in spite of overwhelming sentiment in favour of the former.

But whatever the truth, alarmists have reason to rejoice! Because this year they have succeeded in spreading the paranoia to the UNEP. There is little doubt that such a theme as “Melting Ice – A hot topic?” will propagate terror among the already worried peoples of the world. But doomsayers, who have been predicting that global warming is going to destroy planet Earth, should perhaps do some homework.

Here are some interesting links that will explain why I choose to be on the “politically incorrect” side of the debate:

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  1. you wont believe it…I was too reading about Global Warming a while ago …JLT…& now seen ur post ..Strange coincidence!!

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