Grandma and Grandpa Day

Grandma and Grandpa Day

Someone once said, "Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting". Blessed are those children who have grandparents. Grandparents always have time to listen; tell fairy tales and put you to sleep. A grandparent mends clothes, keeps a candy handy, goes to the store with you even if he doesn’t need anything, sits with you while you do homework, reads stories with his eyes closed, takes you to the doctor even when you cry, plays games he can’t win, holds your hand at just the right times, and reminds parents that they were once little children.

With so many virtues, there ought to be day dedicated to grandparents. The teachers and students of Hiranandani Foundation School at Thane seem to agree.

On October 08, 2002, the pre-primary section of the School celebrated Grandparent’s day. It was a lovely sight as sweet little toddlers were accompanied by their grandmas and grandpas.

The event began at 10 in the morning with the customary prayers by the students. This was followed by some interesting performances by kids, all in honour of their beloved grandparents. Historical items, dance numbers and mythological plays – all featured.

Then, followed what was perhaps most thoughtful gesture of all. A student randomly picked any grandparent in the hall and presented him/her with a greeting card, with a message, "Happy Grandparents Day! We love you grandparents." All cards were created by the kids themselves.

After this, a game specially designed for grandparents, was played. A tray with several objects was circulated among all the oldies. All they had to do was to remember as many objects as they could and write that down on a piece of paper they were given. The one who recollects the maximum number of articles would be the winner. The nana-nanis and dada-dadis were struggling to scribble as time was running out. Finally it was Grandma Asha Gupta who walked away with the prize as she wrote down as many as 17 out of the 20 objects.

After a short tea break, it was time for grandparent to put their public speaking abilities to test, as they were invited to come to the podium and utter a few words about their grandchildren. It was an emotional moment as the senior moms and pops expressed how special their grandchildren were to them. One grandpa said, "My grandson keeps me busy and adds meaning to my old age" while a grandma declared, "Aditya is such an adorable child. He loves me and I love him".  

As the event came to closing stages, the grandparents were visibly moved with the way it was organised. There was joy and happiness in the air. And why not? Grandparents are always delighted to be around their grandchildren. Like Doug Larson once said, "Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap"

The programme ended with a recital of the national anthem and a vote of thanks by the teachers of the school.

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