Happy Birthday Roma

Happy Birthday Roma

(Today is my admin assistant Roma’s birthday, so I wrote this poem on behalf of my team at Complete Wellbeing)

There’s a girl call Roma Das
She’s a hard-working lass
She coordinates with all
So that work doesn’t stall

She is attentive to detail
Keeps an accurate trail
Manages our petty cash
With commendable panache

She raises invoices and POs
And deals with finance fellows
Interacts with all subscribers
And sends payments to authors

A vital part of our Team
Helping us manifest our dream
When readers make CW a success
And advertisers too will say YES

On her birthday today
for her wellbeing we pray
We wish her the very best
So she lives her life with zest

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Roma”

  1. Dear Roma,

    Its quite a nice thought and concern put together in quote.
    It has been an appreciating effort from the writer.

    My birthdya is next month

    Hope you remind him of the same.



  2. Hey roma.. gd one… the writer is pretty good at his work… i m sorry i missed ur bday… anyways belated bday…

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