The mind’s garden is fertile
As we sow, so shall we reap
A good seed produces a smile
A bad one makes us weep

Resentment leads to anger
Prejudice promotes hatred
Fear is a synonym for danger
Guilt kills before we’re dead

Doubts raise uncertainty
Envy is the root of pain
Blame generates toxicity
Is there anything we gain?

To avoid a harvest of weeds
We must plant noble seeds
Like those of genuine love
Blessed with grace from above

Love dissolves all sadness
Helps us deal with madness
Wipes away all the gloom
Causes the garden to bloom

So what would we rather breed,
A love seed or a hostile weed?

~© Manoj Khatri~

2 Replies to “Harvest”

  1. It will always be Love seed for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem. You show great skill in rhyming. As you probably know, some rhyming poems sound sing-songy, but yours flows and rhymes beautifully.

    Thanks Janet. 🙂 I attribute it to a phenomenon known as Divine Frenzy

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