Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

Normally, the word competition has a negative connotation. But often, competition serves the noble cause of encouraging people to perform better. Like it did on February 17, 2002 when more than two thousand students from as many as fifteen schools of Thane participated in an inter-school competition called Kalpakala 2002.

The event was held in the campus of Saraswati Secondary High School and was organized by Kalpavriksha Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mayor of Thane, Ramesh Vaity, presided as Chief Guest.

With categories ranging from essay writing, drawing, fancy-dress, elocution and one-act plays, students got ample opportunity to display their talents. The audience too was enthralled as they got the opportunity to see some highly gifted children perform.

The highlight of the day was the Fancy Dress competition, where a young boy called Yash Dhruv from Bhagwati Vidyalaya had become "pollution" personified. Wrapped in newspaper, his message was quite meaningful: "Kill me, else I will kill you!" Another young girl had dressed up as The Statue of Liberty with a message about the dreadful day of September 11, 2001. The elocution competition had a physically challenged child who performed as if he faced no discomfort.

"We believe that such competitions boost the confidence of participants and also gear them up for tougher competitions that life may offer in future. That’s the real objective of organizing such an event", explains Dr. Umesh Khede, President of Kalpavriksha

The prize distribution for the event will take place on March 10, 2002. But, regardless of which students are felicitated, everyone was a winner!

Everyday Miracle
Often we encounter episodes of miracles that reaffirm our faith in that higher force that is constantly protecting and guiding all of us. George Bernard Shaw said, "Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles."

Recently, Mrs. Jyotsna Phadke from Thane experienced one such mini-miracle.

In October last year, Mrs. Phadke suddenly found her gold chain (Devi’s Mangalsutra) missing. In spite of a massive search operation that followed, the chain was not to be found. Later she realized that she had mistakenly left the chain in the flower container in the Puja room. But it was too late, as by then, these flowers (nirmalya) were already disposed of.

Having tried everything possible to locate the missing mangalsutra, Mrs. Phadke finally lost all hope of finding the gold chain.

Then, last week a strange thing happened. Mrs. Phadke’s was overlooking her 18 month-old grandson who was playing with water in the porch of their duplex apartment, when she suddenly spotted her missing chain – in the flower pot! And the chain was absolutely intact and clean. At first Mrs. Phadke could not believe what her eyes saw. Slowly it dawned upon her that she had been witness to a rare phenomenon – a miracle.

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