How much below the line?

How much below the line?

One can argue that most ad spending today is utter waste and does little to meet its supposed objective, especially the really expensive monthly-quarterly campaigns. Everyday we come across average looking and ineffective (more important that ‘just being creative’) ads in the newspaper and on television.

Yet at times, the product itself is so good it outperforms the ineffectiveness of the ad campaign and this is mistaken as a triumph for those attempts in traditional marketing and advertising. Competing firms, either from the same industry or otherwise, look at this and assume huge ad spends to be the answer to their problems, before they realise it’s too late and then axe themselves in their foot once again, this time with a different promise bearer who yet again is into ‘edgy stuff’.

In the same breadth, it is not always wise to assume that promotions and events are a good blind substitute or will always prove to be better as opposed to ad spends. When buying a television, the promise of a free duffelbag is hardly a carrot. Talk about free software (licence fee waived off) along with a branded computer and yes consumers will show interest.

Invite the customer to relate to what you are offering and she/he will excuse you for carrot dangling. That is how custmers think by and large.

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