Hungry Kya?

Hungry Kya?

The success of Gurinder Chadda’s "Bend it like Beckham" made Aloo Gobi one of the most popular Indian dishes around the world. A friend who is in the US reveals that ever since the release of the film, she is asked for an Aloo Gobi recipe more than any other recipe. On a more serious note, the last decade or so has seen Indian cuisine gaining prominence around the world. I am told that regular US grocery stores have started to carry Indian spices and other dry shelf ingredients and also ready to eat Indian dishes.

One reason for the growing importance of Indian recipes can be attributed to its multiplicity: delectable regional fare like Punjabi, South Indian, Malwani, Sindhi, Maharashtrian Bengali, Gujarati, Rajastani and many more. Just like last year, Thane residents will be able to experience the grand concoction of cuisines from around India at the Food Fiesta 2004. The one-of-its-kind food exhibition will be held between April 30 and May 02, 2004 at Ghantali Grounds. Organised by Thane-based Renaissance Corporation, the exhibition will display an assortment of recipes, with special focus on "Child and Nutrition."

Tushar Pitale, founder of Renaissance, says, "Food Fiesta 2004 is a food festival and like any other festival, it’s an occasion for people to come together to enjoy. In our country, food habits vary geographically as well as demographically, and this exhibition will bring together this diversity under one roof."

The exhibition will also include stalls on modern cooking appliances, kitchen sets and everything else related to food and cooking. Pitale explains, "Modern appliances and equipment have become necessity in today’s fast life and Food Fiesta will provide a platform to display such products."

To give the exhibition a holistic appeal, several supporting events have been organised. For instance, there is a Healthy Baby Contest on cards. Then there is a cooking competition for mothers – their entries will be judged on the nutritious value it offers to the children. To encourage participation, entry fees to the contests have been kept very nominal. The three-day agenda also includes counselling sessions by paediatricians and dieticians, which will be free to attend and will offer a wealth of wisdom. Garnishing the main course would be events like Kids’ Fashion Parade, Cookery Demonstrations, lucky draws and so on.

In line with its theme of "Child and Nutrition," the exhibition will be inaugurated by celebrity children from Thane – those who have achieved recognition in the spheres of academic, cultural and sports. These children will also be felicitated on the occasion.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food’" said George Bernard Shaw. Whether you are a foody as described by Shaw, a parent who wishes to provide nutritious food to his child or simply a health-conscious individual, Food Fiesta is worth a visit. Entry to the exhibition is free.

For more information on food stalls, counselling sessions and other details of the exhibition, readers may contact Tushar Pitale on 25400399.

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