I don’t know

I don’t know

I am not the one to have a gender bias but sometimes I am compelled to think in terms of girls and boys or men and women. Take the most recent instance where I was talking to a female friend and just happened to mention that I didn’t get restful sleep last night. This is how the conversation progressed:

Me: I just couldn’t sleep last night. Kept waking up every few mins.
Her: Oh…are you tensed about something?
Me: I don’t know
Her: Maybe you’re missing someone
Me (emphatically): I don’t know
Her: OK. If you don’t wanna tell, I won’t press you.
Me (clueless): ???????!!!!!
I don’t recall having this kind of conversation with the male of the species. My guy friendsĀ  generally accept me and my words on face value. But many (not all though) girls have this ability to take everything personally and make you feel guilty for no reason. The girls are usually more reliable and also more compassionate – but why do many have this streak in them of wanting to read between the lines even if there’s nothing in between?

Help me decode this if you can, anyone?

And yes, my female friends…PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, do not take this personally. Many of you are my most cherished pals and this is not directed at anyone particular.

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  1. Thats because… girls and women……. care.

    They just probe and ask open ended questions so they could help you share things that you may uncomfortable saying otherwise…….

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