I want, I wish, I yearn…

I want, I wish, I yearn…

I want to steal your sorrow
I wish to seal your pain
I yearn to see you smile
In summer, winter and rain

I want to be your friend
I wish to be your strength
I yearn to wipe your tears
And keep woe at arm’s length

I want to crush your fear
I wish to squash your doubt
I yearn to win your trust
And help your faith to sprout

I want to touch your soul
I wish to feel your essence
I yearn to see you shine
Like the grand sun’s brilliance

I want to help you fly
I wish to see you bloom
I yearn to be the channel
That helps your life zoom

I want to soothe your heart
I wish to hold your hand
I yearn to tell you so much
What I desire, I don’t demand

I want to live for you
I wish to die for you
I yearn to help you see
That I want nothing in lieu

~© Manoj Khatri~

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