In search of myself

In search of myself

One day I went missing
As I began searching
I kept reminiscing
Where was I last seen perching?

I knew I needed help
So my friends I sought out
But no one heard my yelp
Could no one hear me shout?

I looked everywhere I could
All corners I explored
But my efforts were no good
How could I be so ignored?

I turned to the last resort
And started praying to God
Maybe He’ll be my escort
Did He and I make a good squad?

When we finally traced me
I was sitting in HER heart
Cosy, smiling and free
Can’t I live here and never depart?

Can’t I remain lost?

~© Manoj Khatri~

2 Replies to “In search of myself”

  1. The concepts clash in order to reconcile in this splendid piece…Searching to find oneself…upon finding, desiring to be lost once again…in her. With God’s help, no less. Sans rival, Manoj, Friend

    Thanks Tom. You’re always very kind.

  2. This poem is awesome it is the best one I have heard, but I havnt heard a lot, keep making these awesome poems they r very very good

    Thanks for the encouragement, Trent.

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