Infant Saviours

Infant Saviours

Newborn babies are a bundle of joy for their parents and others related to them. But often, when the baby is born with medical complications, panic replaces the usual delight like it recently happened in Thane.

A three-day old infant gets ready for surgery. He is dressed like an astronaut to maintain normal body temperature.

About two weeks ago, a newborn baby boy brought immeasurable joy to his parents. On the third day, he threw up a little green-yellow juice, and the parents casually informed their paediatrician, assuming that it was normal for the baby to burp out liquids. The paediatrician, however, knew that this could be more complicated than it appears and he quickly recommended that the baby be brought for examination. The parents panicked and followed the doctor’s advice. On scrutiny, it was found that the baby had a severe case of mal-rotation, a condition where the intestines are not in the right position. In this baby’s case, his intestines had a turn of 270 degrees, and had to be operated immediately to avoid any danger to his life. The parents of this baby understood the emergency and quickly approved the surgery. Neonatal surgeon Dr Laxmikant Kasat came to the rescue and operated upon the baby, who is absolutely fine now.

This is good news for soon-to-be parents in and around Thane because in the event that your newborn needs immediate surgical attention, you need not rush to distant hospitals in Mumbai. Thane is now capable of handling neonatal emergencies. Hospitals like Kaushalya Medical Foundation Hospital and Lok Hospital are well equipped with NICUs and ventilators and a dedicated team of neonatologists to help in pre and post-operative care of the infants. What is more important is that Thane now has resident neonatal surgeons.

Neonatal surgeries are a highly specialised branch of medicine as they need extreme care. Neonatal surgeons operate under difficult conditions. Because of the baby’s susceptibility, the neonatal surgeon has to operate without air-conditioning. Also, these surgeries are carried out with minute incisions, a maximum of two inches, as the babies are very small, and the operation lasts for hours. “A neonate is a child who is between the ages of one hour to one month after birth. Operating such young infants is a supra-specialised job that demands extreme dedication, lots of tolerance, very good back up and is an extremely delicate job,” says Dr Kasat, a paediatric and neonatal surgeon who is based in Thane.

To understand the significance of having neonatal surgeon accessible at a moment’s notice, readers might find it interesting to know that paediatric surgery is a super speciality brand of surgery and paediatrics. To specialise in it, a general surgeon (MS) has to opt for MCh in Paediatric Surgery after passing MS in General Surgery. Only 50 centres in 12 states of India teach paediatric surgery, and Mumbai has seven of them.

Administering correct anaesthesia to tiny tots is also an exceptionally intricate task. Once again, Thane residents can heave a sigh of relief. Besides being equipped with facilities and surgeons, your city also has a few good anaesthetists who are qualified and experienced in giving anaesthesia to newborns.

Our society often equates doctors with God. And not without a reason. For parents such as those of the three-day-old baby boy who had to be operated for his twisted intestines, availability of neonatal surgery in Thane is no less than Godsend.

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  1. Dr Kasat is known to me as member of same Rotary club. His reputation as neonatal surgon is well known, but the importance of neonatal surgeon was not known. For that, a third person like you is required to enlighten the knowledge.Thanks for information. Regards

  2. I am really proud of my friend Dr. Kasat. I wish him all the very best in his endeavour. He is doing a splendid task of saving lives of the infants and giving them a healthy way ahead and the fun of his job is that these babies may not even remember the efforts and stress taken up by Dr. Kasat, when the infants will be grwon up. I believe, the satisfaction, blessings and acknowledgements Dr. Kasat gets is much more crucial than anything else in the world.
    All the Best Laxmikant…. Keep it up !!

  3. hi! i’m a medical student (intern) at sion hospital and understand the situation very well. paediatric surgeons are extremely competant doctors and know exactly what they are doing. thats the reason it is exclusively taught in centers where state of the art facilities and a high quality of teaching are available. a general practioner could have asked the parents to come the next morning in his clinic which would have created complications. my congartulations to dr kasat on the sound judgement he demonstrated. i’m inspired by doctors like these and i have dreams of becoming a paediatric surgeon myself.

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