Interview with Ronald A Williams

Interview with Ronald A Williams

Q.  What are the functions of TAC?
Ans.  The primary function of TAC is to monitor the performance of the Telecommunication services and advise improvements DoT. TAC helps in representing the grievances of the telephone using public and also acts as a channel of communication between the DoT and the subscribers.

Q.  As a member of TAC, what improvements are you suggesting to the DoT to facilitate better telephone services in Mumbai (East) area?
A number of issues are being taken up. For instance, Bhandup has approximately 7 lakh subscribers. This suburb has a number of schools and degree colleges making it a pocket of education. But the exchange for Bhandup is 3 ½ Km away, in Mulund. This results in various problems such as voice disturbances, cable faults and other technical snags.

I have recently put forth a proposal to Shri Ram Vilas Paswan for an independent exchange in Bhandup. I have even suggested a vacant plot for the exchange in the vicinity of V.K. Krishnan Menon College. The proposal is put forward to Mr. S.M. Talwar, G.M-East (II).

Mini-exchanges in dense areas are also proposed. Mr. S.D. Shembekar (Divisional Engineer) has already initiated work towards one such mini-exchange at Hema Park.  

Q.  Recent reports have highlighted that telephone lines of important public utilities such as Police Stations have been disconnected due to non-payment of bills. Comment.
 It is of urgent importance that disconnected lines at Police Stations, hospitals and other public service departments be restored. As an immediate measure, top priority will being be given to this issue so that the general public is not inconvenienced.

Q  How do propose to deal with the problems of ordinary subscribers?
Any issue, minor or major, will be taken up with the concerned authority. I encourage subscribers with a valid grievance to approach me. Those who would like to offer help or suggestions to improve the Telecom services are also welcome. My contact numbers are 5931645 and 98212 14194.

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