Lessons from children

Lessons from children

Today’s children are much smarter and discerning than ever before. They also have a thing or two to teach adults. On Monday, December 22, close to 1000 people received some well-intentioned advice at the hands of little children aged between three and a half and five years. The occasion was the 49th Annual Day of the Saraswati Mandir Trust’s Pre-primary School, which is a part of the Saraswati Secondary School at Naupada.

Like every year, the school’s annual day celebrations this year revolved around a theme: environment consciousness. Students of the school were divided into eight groups and these groups performed dance shows on songs that had clear relevance to the theme.

There was one group that danced to a song, the lyrics of which urged people to give up using plastic bags. The little children demonstrated this by carrying plastic bags and disposing of them. In another performance, the group of kids had a short, two-minute prelude enacted in Hindi wherein they disseminated information about the harmful effects of plastic bag abuse and how they could use alternatives. Yet another group’s performance pleaded people to plant more trees for better living.

While the little children fostered environmental consciousness among the audience, they were in turn inspired by an ex-student of the school. Aditya Sangwekar from class VIII of the Saraswati Secondary School was the chief guest of the evening. The school has a unique tradition – the Chief Guest at the annual day is a student who has achieved extraordinary success. This is an interesting practice not only because it is different but also because it serves to motivate the youngsters who listen to the successes of young students and are inspired to follow suit.

Aditya’s claim to fame is that he is a swimming champion who has represented Maharashtra State and won many medals at the national level games. He recently represented India at a certain Asia Pacific International Competition held at Macau in China and won the gold medal there.

When Principal Rohini Rasal asked Aditya to share his experience of how he was motivated towards swimming, he revealed that he too had attended an annual day function as a toddler and the chief guest then was Ankit Modi, who was a swimming champ. He divulged that his next goal is to defeat Australian swimming sensation Ian Thorpe, who, at age 14, became the youngest male to qualify for an Australian swimming team.
Aditya also shared a rather interesting experience about one close swimming contest in which he lost out apparently only because the judges could not clearly identify the winner. After this episode he promised to himself that he will strive not just to be first, but first by a good distance so that there is no scope for ambiguity.

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