Life is malignant

Life is malignant

Terminal illness — the very idea conjures up gloomy images of those suffering from “deadly” diseases like cancer and AIDS. Yet, aren’t we all suffering from terminal illness? Isn’t life as we know it on planet Earth a terminal illness that always ends in death?

So many stories revolving around patients suffering from terminal illness focus on how the concerned person makes the most of his “limited” time. By that logic, shouldn’t we all live our lives making the most of it?

Irony is that though we seem to know that we will die some day, we live like we will live forever. We pay little attention to our daily lives. We do not make the most of the gift called present. We either wallow in the miseries of the past or live in fear of the future. No matter what we believe, life on Earth can only be lived in the present. In wake of the terminal illness called life from which we all suffer, we ought to make the most of it…

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