Love is…or is it?

Love is…or is it?

Love is courage
Or is it the source of fears?
Love is happiness
Or is it the cause of tears?

Love is hope
Or is it a spell of despair?
Love is forever
Or is it a momentary affair?

Love is pleasure
Or is it the reason for pain?
Love is sunshine
Or is it a season of rain?

Love is glory
Or is it something austere?
Love is dreams
Or is it a lingering nightmare?

Love is heaven
Or is it the pathway to hell?
Love is treasure
Or is it a commodity we sell?

Can anyone pray tell?

~© Manoj Khatri~

2 Replies to “Love is…or is it?”

  1. Interesting bunch of thoughts. However they fail to encapsulate this whirlwind ride of emotions, we call ‘love’. I feel, there is a certain pristine, sacred core to this feeling. Words are just perfunctory

    Its your very own private tryst with the divine. Your lover is just a medium….

  2. True. The feeling of love and who we love are, of course, different.
    Love, at least in this poem, is only an emotion, a feeling. The words flow out of experience…and observation of individuals who have found love, those who have lost it, and those still searching.

    Of course love is much more…it is concentrated energy that weaves our whole world together. It’s much deeper than any emotion, more profound than any feeling, and certainly beyond the scope of “words”…and this poem.

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