Loving like God

Loving like God

Man asked God, “What’s the difference between your love and my love?” God said, “The bird in the sky is my love. The bird in the cage is yours.”

This nice dialogue landed in my SMS in-box and it got me thinking about love. Indeed the bird in the sky is representative of unconditional love – a variety that is rarely exhibited by us humans. When we love, we expect…and thereby capture the bird inside the cage of our demands. When the demands are not met, the love somehow transforms itself into other feelings and emotions.

Mother’s love comes closest to being unconditional – at least in most cases.  But even that is not completely free of expectations. True loves implies true freedom. Such love resides inside us regardless of what happens outside. The beloved may behave in the most unlovable manner, and we may even express our displeasure or disagreement over the matter, yet it doesn’t  change our love for the  individual. As a concept, this sounds esoteric and difficult. Yet if we think deeply, we realise that loving unconditionally is the only way to lasting peace. When we free our love from expectations, our feelings become independent of others. We can then assume complete charge of our lives and discover  our true selves.

3 Replies to “Loving like God”

  1. Hi,
    A very well carved explanation!
    Indeed, unconditional love not only helps us assume charge of ourselves but also gives us the strength to accept everything completely!!
    And then peace follows…

  2. Manoj Khatri,

    True love makes everybody fly! Yet it is also the way of the world to be afraid to leave the ground. It takes real courage to have love as you described, but like the Vedas, the Bible, or the Analects, these aspirations in cyberspace keep the hope of lasting peace alive! Cheers!


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